C15 Twin Turbo to Single Turbo Platinum Plus Rebuild Conversion Kit (PAI Brand) | C15PLATCONPAI - ALL ADD ONS

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Our Specialized PAI platinum plus conversion kit includes the following parts:


1. Complete PAI Inframe Overhaul rebuild Conversion kit

2. New Fully Loaded Cylinder head (Includes new valves, valve locks, seals, seats, rotocoils, springs, cam bearings, and injector cups). 

3.  New Turbo

4. New Oil Pump

5. New Water Pump

6. Headbolt Kit

7. New Spacer Plate

8.  Reprogramming service of your 120 PIN ECM for (MXS, NXS, SDP prefixes) or a Reman 70 PIN ECM for BXS prefix. The programming is customizable to your preference in order to achieve higher horse power and fuel efficiency!

9. Exhaust Manifold & complete hardware kit

10. 6 Injectors & 6 Connecting rods

11. Camshaft & Rocker assembly



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