3 Powerful Facts About the Caterpillar 3406e Engine

People love Caterpillar engines for their reliability, longevity, and that iconic brand name that both professional and casual enthusiasts know and trust. While many of Caterpillar's engines made a mark in history, the 3406e engine stands out for several reasons. Caterpillar first produced this engine in 1993, and today, ATL Diesel is here to go over three powerful facts about the Caterpillar 3406e engine and why it’s still an iconic machine to this day.

1. The 3406e Has Incredible Horsepower

Caterpillar already had a stable and robust set of engines with the previous 3406 models. A common rumor why Caterpillar went from the 3406c to the 3406e was to avoid what they considered negative connotations with the letter "d."

Caterpillar ensured that the 3406e had six cylinders and a stock turbocharger to give it the power it needed. Many practical applications for this engine were boats, yachts, and freighters. The 3406e could reach between 450 and 700 horsepower with the right build and proper care.

2. The First Truly Successful Electric Engine

One powerful fact about the Caterpillar 3406e engine is that it was one of the first electric motors. The electronic components gave it a considerable advantage over other makes and models, even in the same series. Combining classic mechanical parts with electronic monitoring and mechanical systems made the engine a technological marvel of its time and one of the best engines on the market throughout the 1990s.

3. Set the Standard for Years

While Caterpillar only made the 3406e between 1993 and 1999, the ideas and concepts behind it went on to influence some of Cat's more iconic pieces. After the 3406 series, Caterpillar released the C15 engine, which many people view as one of their most robust and reliable machines. The C15 had many of the same components, horsepower, and features as the 3406e but fixed a few of the issues, like oil leaks, and added relief slots.

If you still have a 3406e engine and want to keep it in proper working order, let ATL Diesel help you out. We have a helpful range of Cat 3406e rebuild kits and help services to match your engine serial number to the right parts for you. For more information, contact ATL Diesel at any time, and we'd be happy to assist you.