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1 To minimize potential downtime for our customers, we strongly recommend the purchase of replacement parts as a proactive measure. While purchasing replacement parts from ATL Diesel does speed up the process, the customer has the right to purchase replacement parts outside of ATL Diesel. By maintaining multiple manufactures and their parts, customers can swiftly address any issues that may arise, thereby ensuring uninterrupted operation. This approach enables prompt resolution of problems and significantly reduces the time required for warranty claims processing
2 Due to the intricacies involved in our warranty process and the industry standard protocol regarding the inspection of parts and turnaround time, we regret to inform you that we are unable to offer free replacements prior to full inspection and analysis. We stand behind the quality of our products and if the part is defective the warranty will be honored & covered, according to the policy, but it is essential to manage expectations regarding warranty claims. We kindly request your understanding in this matter.
3 A $400 fee will be charged to customers for cleaning, testing, and reading the vehicle ECM if necessary to determine the cause of failure. If the cylinder head is determined warrantable, these fees will be waived. If not warrantable, fees must be paid by the customer before the product is returned to the customer. Warranty coverage is 6 months parts and labor and 12 months for cylinder head coverage for repair, replace, or credit. Warranty coverage on parts is at internal cost of the part. Labor will be paid in accordance with published flat rate labor times to a maximum of $60 per hour. Maximum allowable progressive damage coverage is $5000. No premium, overtime, or holiday rates will be allowed. Warranty claims must be settled within 30 days of analysis completion or will be considered finalized and the cylinder head will be scrapped.
4 Any unit sent in for failure analysis will be returned in a disassebled state. If warranty is denied and is requested to be returned to customer, unit will be in a disassembled state. Any units being sent in for repair & return or warranty: customer has 30 days from being notified of repair & return quote or warranty analysis outcome before the unit is sent back at customer’s expense.