3 Reasons Regular Oil Changes Are Important

Everybody has their own rules for when to change the oil in their engine. Some people do it every year or twice a year. Other people may focus on distance and change their oil every 3,000 or 5,000 miles. Many diesel engines can go longer without changes and may get 6,000 or even 10,000 miles. No matter what your personal system is, you should learn about three reasons why regular oil changes are important and how they can improve your machine and keep it in better shape.

1. Engine Lubrication

The primary purpose of oil in your engine is to help lubricate all the moving parts. Proper lubrication prevents these pieces from sticking, grinding, and ultimately wearing down. Essential engine parts like pistons will break down much faster without proper lubrication. This will eventually lead to worse mechanical problems down the road. Due to how quickly these parts move and the level of heat they generate, you don't want them to grind to a literal halt due to a lack of oil.

2. Better Fuel Efficiency

One of the best reasons why regular oil changes are important is that poor engine lubrication increases fuel consumption. Maintaining frequent oil changes with clean, reliable, efficient oil can help improve your fuel efficiency by a small percentage each year. It may not seem like a lot, but any opportunity to spend less time and money at the pump is usually cause for celebration.

3. Vehicular Longevity

The truth is simply that regular oil changes help keep your engine parts in good condition. A stable, reliable engine helps extend the overall longevity of your vehicle and means longer trips and less money on repairs and replacement parts. Regular oil changes allow you to get more miles out of your vehicle and keep your engine running smoothly.

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