5 Signs Your Diesel Fuel Injectors Are Clogged

Maintaining a diesel engine is one of the most vital components of keeping your vehicle running. A common cause of diesel engine failure is when clogs build up in the fuel injectors, but how can you recognize when this problem is happening? Fortunately, ATL Diesel has got you covered! Today, we’ll discuss five signs that your diesel fuel injectors are clogged and what you can do to try and take care of it!

1. Poor Engine Performance

One of the first signs of clogged diesel fuel injectors is diminished engine performance. This can present itself in different ways: difficulty starting your vehicle, rough idling, lack of power when accelerating, or even stalling. When the injectors become clogged, they can’t provide the engine with the optimal amount of fuel it needs, leading to these performance issues.

2. Decreased Fuel Economy

Another strong indicator that your diesel fuel injectors may be clogged is a sudden decrease in your vehicle’s fuel economy. When injectors are clogged, they can’t meter fuel accurately, causing your engine to burn more fuel than necessary. If you notice a drop in your miles per gallon, it might be time to inspect your fuel injectors.

3. Increased Emissions and Exhaust Smoke

One of the more obvious signs that your diesel fuel injectors are clogged is one that you can see and smell without much issue. You can tell there might be an issue if you notice more thick smoke coming from your engine or exhaust. When the injectors aren’t delivering the proper amount of fuel, your engine may produce excess emissions and emit black or blue-colored smoke from the exhaust.

4. Check Engine Light

A clogged diesel fuel injector can cause your check engine light to come on. The vehicle’s computer system monitors your fuel system, and if the injector isn’t delivering the right amount of fuel, it will trigger the check engine light. Don’t ignore this warning sign—it’s time to give your fuel injectors a thorough inspection!

5. Engine Misfires or Knocking

Lastly, experiencing engine misfires or knocking could signal clogged diesel fuel injectors. When fuel isn’t adequately atomized because of a clogged injector, the engine may struggle to complete the combustion process. This can cause misfires, knocking, or loud pinging sounds coming from the engine.

Are you dealing with any of these signs? Don’t wait until it’s too late. At ATL Diesel, we offer a comprehensive range of quality diesel engine parts for all kinds of makes and models. Our team of experts is ready to help you diagnose and solve any issues you may be having with your diesel fuel injectors. Contact us today and ATL Diesel can help make sure you’ve got the parts and knowledge you need to keep your engine running!