A Comprehensive Guide to CAT C15 Platinum Rebuild Kits

A failing engine is dangerous and can harm you, your truck, and other drivers. This is why you need to fix the issue as soon as you can. When your semi truck’s engine starts to malfunction, it’s time to rebuild or replace it. However, before you purchase a rebuild kit, you need to learn a little more about it. For some extra information about rebuild kits, here is a comprehensive guide to CAT C15 platinum rebuild kits.

Should You Rebuild or Replace Your Engine?

In some cases, you might not be able to rebuild your engine. If your semi truck’s engine has serious damage from a fire or accident, then the best option is to replace it completely. However, if your engine is malfunctioning from wear and tear, then rebuilding it might be the better and less expensive choice. A rebuilt engine allows your vehicle to function like new, and it’s usually at least half the cost of a new engine.

When You Need To Rebuild Your Engine

There are a few signs that tell you when you need to rebuild your engine. Ignoring these signs and driving with a malfunctioning engine is dangerous, and you can injure yourself and others. Additionally, no one enjoys being stranded on the side of the road with a failing engine. If you notice any of the signs listed below, you should replace or rebuild the engine immediately. Here are the signs that tell you when you need to rebuild your engine.

  • Colored Exhaust. If your engine’s exhaust is blue, black, or white, then it’s time to inspect and rebuild it. When cylinders burn oil, it causes blue or black exhaust. When your cylinders burn coolant, it causes white exhaust.
  • Unusual Noises. Strange noises coming from your engine are never good. If you hear knocking, clacking, grinding, or banging, be sure to inspect the engine right away.
  • Low Oil Pressure. In this case, the oil might not reach all of the necessary components in the engine, which causes serious issues.
  • Lagging Acceleration. If your vehicle doesn’t accelerate as easily as it should, it could be a sign of a loss of cylinder compression.

Benefits of Rebuilding Your Engine

So, what are the benefits of rebuilding your semi truck’s engine? If you want to save money, rebuilding your engine is the way to go. The total cost of rebuilding your semi truck’s engine is significantly lower than replacing it with a brand-new one. Usually, it’s around half the cost of a new engine or less. Another benefit of rebuilding your engine is you can drive your truck safely for at least another 1,000,000 miles. A rebuilt engine is usually just as effective as a new one. So, with regular maintenance, you can drive your vehicle for 1,000,000 miles or more. When your engine malfunctions, it usually wastes gas and creates high amounts of emissions. However, when you rebuild it, you’ll notice a decrease in emissions and an increase in gas mileage. Rebuilding your engine is also environmentally friendly since it saves the energy that’s required to make a new one.

Steps To Rebuild Your Truck’s Engine

After you decide to rebuild your truck’s engine, you’ll need to know the next steps to take. First, you or your mechanic will need to purchase a rebuild kit for your specific vehicle. When you order a rebuild kit, always make sure it’s for your vehicle’s make and model. This small step will save you a lot of time and effort! While you can rebuild your engine yourself, it can be a very time-consuming and challenging process, so unless you’re an expert, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

How To Choose a Rebuild Kit for your Vehicle

In order to follow the steps above, you’ll need to know how to choose a rebuild kit for your vehicle. As mentioned, the first thing you need to remember is to choose a kit for your semi truck’s make and model. When you purchase a rebuild kit, always buy from a trustworthy and reliable supplier. This will ensure that you receive quality parts for your semi truck. The last thing you need is to purchase from an unreliable supplier and receive cheap, flimsy parts for your vehicle.

Parts That Come With a Rebuild Kit

You are probably wondering what parts come with a rebuild kit. Each kit is different, but essentially, they all contain the parts necessary to completely rebuild your engine. For example, the CAT C15 platinum rebuild kit contains the following:

  • A complete inframe overhaul kit
  • A fully loaded cylinder head
  • Six OEM reman injectors
  • A new oil pump
  • A new water pump
  • A head bolt kit
  • A exhaust manifold hardware kit
  • A new spacer plate

How Often Should You Rebuild Your Engine?

Since semis are large diesel trucks, engine rebuilds should be considered regular maintenance. After all, semi trucks travel for millions of miles, so their engines endure a lot of wear and tear. You should rebuild your engine if it is failing, or for preventative maintenance. Do so when it’s between 500,000 and 1,000,000 miles.

Ways To Make Your Rebuilt Engine Last

After you rebuild your engine, you’ll still need to perform maintenance to make it last for at least a few years. This includes inspections, oil changes, cleanings, and checking fluid levels. The best way to make your rebuilt engine last for years is to perform regular maintenance and inspections.

This is a comprehensive guide to CAT C15 platinum rebuild kits. The guide above goes over ways to make your rebuilt engine last, explains how often you should rebuild your engine, describes the parts that come in a rebuild kit, teaches how to choose a rebuild kit for your truck, and goes over the steps to rebuild an engine. You’ll also learn about the benefits of rebuilding your engine, when you need to rebuild it, and why you should rebuild instead of replacing it. After learning the information above, you’re probably considering rebuilding your semi’s engine. Purchase a CAT C15 platinum rebuild kit by visiting our ATL Diesel website today.

A Comprehensive Guide to CAT C15 Platinum Rebuild Kits
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