A Farm Owner’s Guide to Understanding Tier 4 Final Diesel Engines

Even though Tier 4 Final diesel engines have been around for a few years now, many farms across the U.S. are still relying on their trusted, old farming equipment powered by Tier 3, Tier 2 or even earlier diesel technology.

This guide provides an overview of Tier 4 Final diesel engines and discusses the benefits these engines bring for the farming sector.

What are Tier 4 Final Diesel Engines?

In 2014, in an effort to reduce nitrogen-oxide and particulate emissions of diesel engines, the EPA implemented a set of emission rules referred to as “Tier 4 Final” rules. Diesel engines manufactured in compliance to these rules are known as Tier 4 Final engines.   

Tier 4 Final engines are the cleanest diesel engines ever produced. This new generation of diesel engines first came into effect on the 130–560KW engine category and later on the 56–129KW engine category.

Relative to previous tiered engines, Tier 4 Final engines reduce nitrogen oxide and particulate emissions by over 90%. Cummins describes these extremely low emission levels as “near zero” emission levels.

What are the Benefits for Farm Owners for Using Tier 4 Final Diesel Engines at Their Farms?  

Tier 4 Final diesel engines have many benefits to offer to farm owners. However, in this post, we’ll only focus on three benefits that directly improve the efficiency of your farming machines and the bottom line of your farming business.

Lower fuel consumption

Tier 4 Final diesel engines on average use 5 to 10 percent less fuel than its Tier 3 predecessors, improving fuel efficiency and providing fuel savings in return.

Fewer moving parts

Tier 4 Final diesel engines have fewer moving parts compared to old generation diesel engines, which makes them less prone to breakdowns and failures.

Extended service intervals

Because Tier 4 Final diesel engines are less prone to breakdown and failures; they don’t need to be serviced as regularly as previous tiered engines.

What are some of the Challenges that Come with Transitioning to Tier 4 Final Diesel Engines?

First and foremost, Tier 4 Final diesel engines are expensive to purchase. In addition, the Tier 4 Final equipment parts also cost considerably higher than Tier 3 equipment parts, making any potential repairs costly.

Apart from that, most Tier 4 Final diesel engines use DEF, which is an extra product you’ll need to stock up onsite.    


This brings us to the end of our post. If you have any further questions that you’d like to ask about Tier 4 Final diesel engines, feel free to reach out; our diesel engine experts will be happy to assist you.

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