CAT 6NZ Engine Rebuild Kits: Before You Buy

Purchasing a new engine can be pricey and time-consuming. Instead of buying a new engine, many truck owners choose to use a rebuild kit since they are significantly less expensive than a new engine. If you have a CAT engine, here is what you should know about CAT 6NZ engine rebuild kits before you buy them.

Signs You Need To Rebuild Your Engine

If you hear unusual grinding or knocking noises when you drive, it’s probably time to rebuild your engine. Driving with a malfunctioning engine is dangerous, so you should fix the issue or rebuild the engine as soon as possible. Here are a few signs that tell you when you need to rebuild your truck’s engine.

  • White, blue, or black exhaust. This usually occurs when oil or coolant burns in the cylinders.
  • Grinding or knocking noises. Unusual noises are generally the result of oil contamination or improper combustion timing.
  • Increased oil consumption. If your engine begins to use more oil than normal, it might be burning or leaking the oil.

Parts You Get in a Rebuild Kit

Every company sells different types of rebuild kits, but each kit should contain everything you need to rebuild your truck’s engine. For example, at ATL Diesel, our Platinum Overhaul Kit for a CAT 15 6NZ engine contains a complete in-frame overhaul kit, a fully loaded cylinder head, six OEM reman injectors, a new oil pump, and everything else you will need to rebuild your engine. If you need a CAT 6NZ rebuild kit for your vehicle, browse our online ATL Diesel website.

Lifespan of a Rebuilt Engine

Another thing you should know about CAT 6NZ engine rebuild kits before you buy them is how long they last. With a rebuilt engine and regular maintenance, your truck will be able to drive for another million miles. A rebuilt engine with regular maintenance will last as long or longer than your original engine. Since a rebuilt engine will last as long as a brand-new engine, it is an excellent option for your vehicle.

Benefits of Rebuilding Your Engine

There are many benefits that come with rebuilding your engine. First, you save money since purchasing a rebuild kit is less expensive than buying a new engine. Additionally, with a rebuilt engine and maintenance, you can drive your truck safely for at least another million miles.

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