Is a Platinum Plus Overhaul Kit Worth It?

Rebuilding your transmission is one of the costliest and most labor-inducive procedures for your diesel engine. Different manufacturers' kits vary in price, parts, and quality. On the high end of expenses, you find platinum kits, but what is a platinum plus overhaul kit, and is it worth it for your engine?

What Is an Overhaul Kit?

An overhaul kit is a series of parts and tools to help you rebuild your engine. There are generally two types of overhaul kits: an in-frame or out-of-frame kit. In-frame kits are more about maintaining the engine and allowing for modifications without removing the engine from the vehicle. On the other hand, out-of-frame kits will enable you to remove the engine and rebuild from scratch.

What’s in an Overhaul Kit?

Before deciding if a kit is worth it, it's a good idea to look at what these kits typically contain. The individual parts vary depending on the size or manufacturer, but generally, overhaul kits come with everything you need to perform an engine rebuild, including:

  • Complete in-frame overhaul kit (piston kits, gasket sets, o-rings, liner kits, rod, and main bearings)
  • Fully-loaded cylinder head (valves, locks, rotocoils, springs, seats, seals, bearings, injector cups)
  • OEM Reman injectors
  • Oil and water pumps
  • Headbolt kit
  • Space plate
  • Exhaust manifold hardware

Is a Platinum Kit Worth It?

A general rule regarding purchases is that you get what you pay for when it comes to parts. When deciding if a platinum plus overhaul kit is worth it, it’s good to know they are among the best on the market. However, they also cost upwards of 7,000 to 12,000 dollars. For many, a high-quality overhaul kit is worth the cost in the long run. When you invest in a cat platinum overhaul kit, you know you're getting everything you need for your engine rebuild. Durable parts from a reliable manufacturer result in fewer repairs, upgrades, or trips to the auto shop down the road.

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