On-Road Truck Maintenance Tips

Trucks carry heavy loads across great distances. Thus, they’re more prone to issues than other vehicles. Since trucks are such heavy-duty automobiles, drivers and fleet supervisors should perform regular upkeep so they stay in working order. A lot of folks believe that maintenance is only required when a person’s off-roading. This sentiment couldn’t be further from the truth. Owners should take care of their trucks no matter what terrain they’re driving on. Here are a few on-road truck maintenance tips that every driver and business owner should know.

Regular Oil Changes

Every car needs an oil change. However, this is especially important for trucks that are always on the road. Oil lubricates certain engine parts, ensuring they don’t wear too quickly. The fluid also prevents corrosion from occurring. Moreover, if a driver goes too long between oil changes, friction is created within the engine. This friction causes engine components to break down and work incorrectly. Thus, folks who don’t get an oil change at the recommended time could see their engine fail entirely. Everyone knows there’s nothing worse than a roadside breakdown. While most mechanics recommend an oil change every 5,000-7,000 miles, but this may need to be increased for trucks that carry heavy loads across the country. Drivers should let their supervisors know when they’re due for an oil change so they can schedule an appointment.

Check Out the Engine

Another on-road truck maintenance tip is to check the engine occasionally. Diesel engines are full of complex elements that can malfunction if not taken care of. So, drivers should pop the hood sometimes so they can be aware of potential issues that may be happening under their noses. For example, folks should watch out for signs of overheating. The exhaust manifold might glow red hot if it gets warmer than it should. Thus, people should throw on some gloves and feel certain components to ensure nothing is getting too hot.

Another engine issue that people should watch out for is leaking. For example, the coolant should never spill out onto other areas of an engine. If it does, it could damage other essential parts. It’s wise to have a repair specialist do routine maintenance checks on the truck so they can determine if leaks are occurring. Anyone who does experience engine issues after it’s too late to do upkeep should contact ATL Diesel as soon as possible. We have top-of-the-line remanufactured diesel engine parts for sale. These components are cost-effective and more environmentally-friendly than newer alternatives. Moreover, our entire team values customer service, and we want to help get you back on the road quickly.

Tires are Vital

Truck tires must be incredibly durable because they carry a lot of weight. So, trucking fleet managers should first ensure they have the right size of tires for all of their vehicles. Furthermore, leaders should only buy tires from reputable dealers that guarantee high-quality products. The reason why trucking companies must work with trusted distributors is that they’ll likely have to be replaced after some time. Therefore, it’s crucial to work with a flexible team which understands everything a fleet needs to be efficient.

On-road means that these trucks are only operated on smooth terrain. Yet, even though this type of terrain is flatter than off-road areas, the tires should still be rotated on occasion. Tire rotation freshens tires up a bit and minimizes the likelihood of potential damage. Drivers should also think about visiting rest stops when they notice that the air pressure of their tires is low. Performing these routine steps will extend the life of the tires and postpone having to replace them for even longer.

Exterior Upkeep Matters

Lots of individuals believe that taking care of a truck’s exterior isn’t important to its overall health, but this statement is completely false. Washing the truck is an important step in preventing rust. Rust not only tarnishes the look of the automobile, but it also affects its performance as it will corrode the truck and cause a host of problems for the driver. For example, rust makes it difficult to open doors and the trunk. To prevent rust from popping up, trucking employers should schedule a wash every two weeks. Moreover, keeping things clean is a solid marketing strategy. After all, the more visible a logo is, the more people see it on the road.

It’s especially important to wash a truck’s exterior during severe weather conditions. Materials like salt and water can damage a vehicle’s exterior and cause premature rusting. Again, this will affect the truck’s performance, and the logo may not be visible. Any business owner who wants to send a strong message to potential customers should take extra care of their fleet in the presence of extreme weather conditions.

Safe Driving is Key

Another tip for those concerned with prolonging the life of their trucks is to drive safely. When someone drives erratically, they aren’t only putting other people in danger, but it’s not good for the health of the vehicle either. For starters, the truck’s alignment goes into whack when someone drives incorrectly. Misalignment makes it more challenging for someone to steer the automobile which can create safety hazards. Unsafe driving can also be bad for the engine itself. If someone drives irregularly, the engine components must work harder than they normally do. This means the engine could fail, causing the entire vehicle to breakdown.

Trucking company personnel must try their hardest to maintain their vehicles. After all, it’s much more cost-effective to take care of an automobile than it is to buy a new one. One vital thing that supervisors should keep in mind is to always work with reputable dealers when they need truck components. Here at ATL Diesel, we always put our customers’ needs first. We know that issues cost trucking businesses money. When someone can’t fulfill their route, they’re more likely to deal with unhappy clients. Thus, we want to get people on the road as quickly as possible, so that trucking corporations can satisfy their customers and keep revenues stable. We have several remanufactured diesel engine partsfor sale that’ll have drivers back on the road in no time.


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