Pros and Cons of a Diesel Engine Overhaul

An engine overhaul is when you take your diesel engine out of the frame to perform a full refurbishing. Many people recommend repairing or replacing as many weaker or worn-down parts as possible instead of buying a new engine. There are several distinct pros and cons of performing a diesel engine overhaul that you can use to decide if it’s the right move for your vehicle or equipment.

Pro: More Cost-Effective Than a New Engine

One of the main reasons to perform an engine overhaul is you can ensure that everything is in working order without having to buy a new engine. More often than not, overhaul kits are a smarter investment and offer an opportunity to extend the life of your current machine.

Con: Still a Costly Investment

While there are more expensive options than an overhaul kit, an out-of-frame kit is still a serious investment that one should consider if your engine needs it. An in-frame kit may be a suitable choice if you’re only looking to perform minor maintenance work. When considering a full overhaul, the cost may be one of the most significant factors to consider.

Pro: An Opportunity To Make Improvements

When considering the pros and cons of a diesel engine overhaul, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and think about what other options are available. Removing the engine to perform an overhaul allows you to make further adjustments and include customizations to boost performance beyond the more standard maintenance that comes from a kit.

Con: Time and Space Constrictions

When you're performing repairs with an in-frame kit or similar option, finding a place to work where you have easy access to your vehicle or equipment is essential. A lot more work goes into removing the engine from the frame. Not only might you need special equipment to move the heavy engine block, but you’ll also need adequate time and space to work on it.

There are many distinct advantages of completing a diesel engine overhaul: extension of the life of your engine, improved performance, and you save money. On the other hand, we recommend that you pay attention to the time and money investments that go into the process versus replacing the engine entirely and make your decision wisely.

ATL Diesel has the tools, parts, and kits you need from trusted brands, such as the 3406e CAT overhaul kit, for when you’re ready to perform an overhaul. For additional questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to our staff to speak to a specialist. Have your engine and serial number on hand, and ATL Diesel will happily help you find the best kit for you and your equipment.