Summer Tips for Diesel Engines

With summer just around the corner, it might be to your benefit to understand the summer maintenance that comes with owning a diesel engine. You don’t want your diesel engine to suffer because the proper steps and care were not taken and the heat got the best of it. Fortunately for you, we have shared below some summer tips for diesel engines that can help you properly take care of your engine.

Always Keep an Eye on Your Air Filters

To keep your diesel engine performance in prime condition, cleaning your filters and swapping them out can help. You don’t want your car to be using clogged filters. This not only makes your engine work harder, but it will run at a hotter temperature—especially when it is hot outside. If you keep an eye on the condition of your air filters you can avoid this problem altogether!

Check Your Coolant Consistently

Your coolant levels should always be where they need to be. If this is not the case, your vehicle might operate at too high of a temperature. Not having enough coolant can directly allow for the operating temperatures to be too high, which can damage your vehicle overall. With diesel engines generating more heat than gasoline engines, this is even more important to be aware of.

Watch Your Tires

With the summer weather and temperatures, heat can build up and get trapped in the rubber part of your tires. This is a direct result of the asphalt surfaces of the roads. Your tires will become worn down faster than usual. That is exactly why you should keep an eye on your tires and watch to make sure that they’re in a good enough condition to drive.

The summer heat can be extremely damaging to your diesel engine, but don’t let it be! Follow these summer tips for diesel engines to make sure that you do your part in keeping your engine in good condition. If there’s a problem or something does go wrong, make sure it’s handled promptly and efficiently. For any detroit diesel parts you may need to purchase to fix the issue, please take a look at our inventory today. Let us help your diesel engine be in the best possible condition!

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