The Most Common Causes of Camshaft Failure

Despite the name, the camshaft is rarely the cause of what experts consider camshaft failure. A camshaft is a long rod or shaftwith specifically shaped lobes that allow other parts to fit in. Due to the simple construction of the camshaft, it’s usually not the problem when things go wrong in a diesel engine. Here are a few of the most common causes of camshaft failure and how you can identify them in your vehicle’s engine.

Improper Components

You should always install new tappets making any changes to your camshaft. Over time, the components that go into the lobes will wear down and become misaligned. If you try to use your existing tappets with a new camshaft, they won’t line up properly, which can result in failure. Ensure all of the pieces connecting to the camshaft fit correctly and don’t wear down the parts.

Faulty Lubrication

Lubrication helps all engine parts fit and work together in the camshaft. Failure to lubricate them is one of the most common causes of camshaft failure. The valves and camshaft rely on a thin layer of lubricating oil for operation. A lack of oil can lead to overheating, warped parts, and breakdowns.

Broken Camshaft

While many issues with the camshaft come from the parts that connect to it rather than the shaft itself, that doesn't mean it can't also be the cause of problems. A connecting rod or other moving part may collide with the camshaft, causing it to break into two or more pieces. A cracked or fractured camshaft may misalign and result in further problems with other parts not connecting to it.

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