Tips for Increasing Horsepower on a Detroit Diesel Series 60

The Detroit Diesel Series 60 was originally designed to be a fuel-efficient solution for many heavy-duty vehicles. However, due to the increase in environmental awareness, many automotive manufacturers are building fuel-efficient cars for the public.

Horsepower is the unit of power your vehicle’s engine can produce, but many people look to level up their horsepower for various reasons. Let’s explore some tips for increasing horsepower on a Detroit Diesel Series 60.

Update Vehicle’s Engine Software

Every modern car is built with a computer processor that’s installed in the engine space. This processor assists mechanics and other automotive professionals in diagnostic tests, as well as enable the function for things like:

  • Driver assistance technology
  • Braking
  • Entertainment
  • Navigation systems

To increase the amount of power your engine creates, try taking your vehicle to your local mechanic as they can update the engine’s computer processor for you. Doing so can help adjust horsepower settings so the diesel series can operate at a higher power.

Install a High-Flow Muffler

Installing a high-flow muffler can add horsepower to your vehicle because it can free up the overall exhaust flow in your engine.

Exhaust flow is critical for your Detroit Diesel Series 60 because it takes any wasteful chemicals and rids them from the engine, strengthening the engine’s capability.

Invest in Performance Fluids

Of course, maintaining your truck’s performance fluids is critical to the operation of your horsepower and overall vehicle. Some fluids include:

  • Engine oil
  • Transmission fluid
  • Brake fluid

Sure, you can purchase more cost-efficient solutions for your Detroit Diesel Series 60, but investing in higher quality mixtures will improve your engine’s ability to produce more horsepower.

Furthermore, you might benefit from keeping a Detroit 60 Series rebuild kit in your cabin at all times when you’re ready to rehaul your vehicle’s performance and efficiency.

These tips for increasing horsepower on a Detroit Diesel Series 60 will help you understand the various components that go into improving your vehicle’s overall performance.

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