Tips for Trucking Safely Through Storms

Unfortunately, bad weather is bound to happen sometime during your trucking trips. Storms make the roads slippery and can make it difficult, and sometimes even impossible, to see. To keep yourself safe, here are a few tips for trucking safely through storms.

Be Aware

One of the worst things that could happen is having a bad storm sneak up on you. Sometimes, it seems like the dark clouds appear out of nowhere. A couple of ways to prevent this are to install a weather app on your phone or listen to the weather updates on the radio. If you hear about a weather watch or warning in your area, keep an ear out for any updates.

Have a Repair Kit for Emergencies

If a storm is approaching and you’re having engine trouble, make sure you’re prepared to fix it. An inframe overhaul kit is a great solution to have in your vehicle since it has most of the small parts you need to fix the engine. After repairing the engine, find a shelter to protect yourself from the storm.

Avoid Overpasses

One common myth is that overpasses are a safe place to find shelter from storms. Although, if there are high winds, the tunnel under the overpass turns into a wind tunnel, making it dangerous. However, if there is very little wind and you’re trying to avoid heavy rain and hail, then the overpass should be okay, but try to avoid them if possible.

Drive Around It

Of course, the best way to avoid a storm is to drive around it. If you can do this, it’s definitely your best option. Before you decide to change your route, you may want to check the traffic on that specific route because many other people on the road usually have the same idea. If you end up driving through the storm, remember to be cautious and drive slowly.

The next time you stumble upon bad weather, remember these tips for trucking safely through storms to keep you and your vehicle safe from Mother Nature.

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