Top 10 Reasons Diesel Engines Are Easier To Work On

There are many benefits of using a diesel engine. Diesel engines are reliable, fuel-efficient, and, best of all, easy to work on for any garage mechanic. A couple of the standard downsides of diesel engines come down to them being loud, and diesel fuel being a bit more expensive and harder to come by. However, if you’re looking to work on your own vehicle, here are 10 reasons why diesel engines are easier to work on and why they’re excellent projects for your garage and vehicle.

1. Everything Is Accessible

There are times when you're working on a gasoline engine, and simply getting to the part, you need to fix turns into a massive struggle. Sometimes even getting the battery is a challenge. It's not always easy to gain access to the part you need, and many makes and models put important pieces seemingly at random.

Thankfully, that’s rarely the case with diesel engines. These engine structures are generally easy to access, making them easier to work on.

2. It’s Easy To Find Repair Kits

No matter what problem you have with your engine, it’s generally easy to find repair kits that have the parts and tools you need to make repairs. If you need a 12.7 Detroit engine rebuild kit, it’s typically easy to find and a great way to get started on fixing up your engine. Once you identify a problem with your diesel engine and know what parts or tools you need to fix it, finding the proper kits are a breeze, thanks to manufacturers and designated websites such as ATL Diesel.

3. There Are Different Repair Levels

Aside from the easy accessibility of repair kits, one reason why diesel engines are easier to work on is that you can perform different levels of maintenance. For more minor fixes and easy repairs, in-frame kits let you complete essential care without removing the engine from the vehicle. Meanwhile, overhaul kits are perfect when rebuilding your engine or performing more extensive repairs that involve removing the motor from the vehicle entirely.

4. Diesel Engines Are Bigger

If you’ve got larger hands, you may find diesel engines to be a lot easier to work on because of their engine size. Larger engines make it easier to get your fingers and tools into necessary spaces to swap out parts with ease. The size of the engine may make it slightly more challenging to fit them into the frame, but the accessibility makes it simpler to perform in-frame repairs and maintenance.

5. More Distinct Sounds

We mentioned earlier that diesel engines are generally noisier than gasoline engines, but that noise has advantages. Thanks to the engine being loud, it's easier to listen for unusual sounds, and knowing the causes of those noises makes repairing the engine an easier task. If your diesel engine produces a ticking sound, the problem is most likely from a low oil level, while an unusual knocking sound might be a sign that you need to lubricate your injectors.

6. Everything Is Easy To See

Through a combination of size and accessibility, diesel engines are easy to work on because when you open the hood, you can probably spot the part that's giving you trouble. Diesel engines lay themselves bare and give you a clear picture of the overall mechanics of your machine. When you spot potential issues, there's a good chance you can reach them and perform the necessary repairs.

7. Diesel Engines Have No Spark

Due to the higher compression levels of diesel engines, they do not need spark plugs. Your engine compresses gas up to three times higher than traditional gas engines. This essentially means that a significant component of standard gasoline engines doesn't exist in diesel engines. In more common gasoline motors, spark plugs and igniters are a frequent problem when it comes to troubleshooting and repairs. Because these parts are extraneous on a diesel engine, it's one less factor to worry about when it comes to maintenance.

8. Diesel Engines Are Easy To Diagnose

It’s true that you can generally lift the hood and spot what’s wrong with your diesel engine, but there are ways to take it one step further. When you need to dive deeper into diagnosing your diesel engine, there’s a helpful variety of software and programs to help you figure out the problem.

Using a diagnostic program like Caterpillar ET or Cummins Insite makes it easy to use your computer to aid in solving mechanical issues, provided you know your way around a computer. Programs like these are essential tools for professional mechanics and widely helpful for enthusiasts working in their own garages.

9. Diesel Engines Are Cleaner

In more than one sense of the word, diesel engines are generally cleaner than gasoline alternatives. These machines produce far less carbon monoxide and typically create far less grime that coats the engine's exterior.

It’s still vital to give your engine a good wipe down every now and then, especially when performing maintenance. However, because diesel engines produce less pollution, it’s generally easier to work on them without having to work your way around gunk and grime to access the various parts of your motor.

10. Excellent Diesel Community

A critical advantage of working on diesel engines is that sometimes you're unable to find the problem while examining your machine if your in-frame kit didn't do the trick or even if using some diagnostic software didn't. Thankfully, diesel engine enthusiasts make up a supportive and accepting community that is happy to help others with their problems. Using message boards, social media groups on apps like Facebook, and other designated diesel websites allows you to get in touch with enthusiasts who are happy to help identify issues and offer potential solutions.

Integrating yourself in the community makes it easy to perform any necessary maintenance on your diesel engine. It also allows you to use your knowledge and expertise on the subject to attempt to help others who may struggle with an issue you can solve. The online community is a great safety net for those looking to make repairs from home on their machines.

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Top 10 Reasons Diesel Engines Are Easier To Work On