What Causes Exhaust Manifold Bolts to Break

An exhaust manifold is a crucial component in a diesel engine. This part holds in gases until they’re ready to be expelled through the tailpipe. When an exhaust manifold malfunctions, the entire engine is in jeopardy. Thus, drivers should do precautionary maintenance to ensure the part is in stable condition for years to come. One thing people should watch out for are busted bolts. This article explains what causes exhaust manifold bolts to break and other potential problems involving the component.

Exhaust Manifold Problems

The exhaust manifold is prone to a host of issues because it performs such a vital function. For starters, it may overheat because fuel is unable to escape through the tailpipe. When gas can’t exit properly, the component gets red and overheats. Engine overheating isn’t good for the overall health of a car. Too much heat can damage other parts of the automobile or cause it to stop working entirely.

What About the Bolts?

Exhaust manifold bolts break because of their exposure to heat. Even if the component doesn’t overheat, it still gets hot because it holds fuel. The bolts are designed to withstand warm temperatures. However, they can only endure this for some time. After a few years, the bolts will begin to deform and eventually break. Drivers should try their hardest to prevent this from happening. When the bolts break entirely, the whole part could snap out of place. Therefore, folks should occasionally pop the hood to look at the state of their bolts and determine if they need to be replaced.

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