What to Do When Oil Comes Out of Your Exhaust

The last thing a trucker wants to deal with is issues with their trucks. Engine problems can completely disrupt a driver’s day. Ultimately, truck drivers need to get to their desired location to drop off important shipments. Drivers can’t do that if their truck isn’t running properly. One problem that truckers run into is oil leaks. This article will discuss what to do when oil comes out of your exhaust.

Examine the Exhaust Pipe

The first thing you should do if you notice that oil is leaking from your exhaust is to check your exhaust pipe. An exhaust pipe directs gases and other liquids away from a controlled combustion in a car. If it’s not functioning correctly, this could be detrimental to your engine. If you see your exhaust is leaking oil, you should glance at it because this may not be the case. Sometimes grout and other debris can get stuck at the end of your exhaust pipe. In that case, when gases try to flow out of there, the debris stops it, causing a leak. If you see a bunch of gunk at the end of your exhaust pipe, clean it out, and see if the issue resolves itself.

Look at Your Head Gasket

Your head gasket is one of the most important parts of your engine. A head gasket seals the engine’s cylinders so that combustion can occur. Also, a head gasket separates oil from other liquids, so nothing is mixed together. If you notice oil is leaking from your tailpipe and nothing is blocking it, your next step should be to check the head gasket. Sometimes, if a head gasket is busted, engine-coolant can leak from the combustion chambers. This would be the source of your leak. Ideally, the problem is a simple fix, and you won’t have to replace the head gasket altogether.

This article shows what you should do if oil is coming out of your exhaust. Hopefully, the issues are minor, and you’ll be back on the road in no time. Yet, if the problems are more serious, your trucking company should contact ATL Diesel immediately. We have the Mack diesel engine parts needed to get your ride up and running again. We offer them at discounted prices, too, because we know the steep expense of truck repairs. If your truck is experiencing engine issues, call ATL Diesel ASAP.

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