Why Your Exhaust Manifold Might Glow Red Hot

An exhaust manifold is a crucial part of a diesel engine. The component holds gases until they’re ready to be expelled through the tailpipe. Since the exhaust manifold keeps the engine free of contaminants, it’s must be functioning properly at all times. This article will explain why your engine exhaust manifold might glow red hot and what to do if you run into this problem.

Seeing Red

One reason why your diesel engine exhaust manifold might glow red hot is that fuel can’t exit the tailpipe correctly. Fuel must be able to flow out of an engine at a continuous rate. If expulsion doesn’t happen, the exhaust manifold will overheat. Thus, it will appear a reddish color. That’s why it’s essential to fix any issues with this component the minute you notice them. Drivers should perform preventative maintenance and look over the exhaust manifold to ensure that oil can exit the engine at a continuous rate.

Your engine exhaust manifold might also appear red if it’s dirty and needs to be cleaned. Diesel engines are incredibly complex. The smallest contaminant can create a host of problems for drivers. So, you should think about popping the hood every so often and cleaning the parts that you can reach. It might be wise idea to take your truck or tractor to a repair specialist to ensure that things are cleaned appropriately. A mechanic will be able to clean hard-to-reach areas that you can’t get to yourself. Hopefully, after this cleaning routine is complete, your exhaust manifold will return to its usual color.

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