Enhanced Durability IPD Steel Piston 3406C Inframe Kit | KIF8869/272/CS

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This IPD 3406C inframe kit contains a modification from the original 3406C 1 piece aluminum piston to a 2-piece piston design with a steel crown for enhanced durability. The piston is a 14.6:1 compression ratio.

NOTE: In order to make this IDP 3406C inframe kit function properly in an on-highway application, the following modifications need to be made!

  1. You must increase oil pump relief valve pressure setting on your existing 480 kPa (70 psi) engine oil pump by replacing the 9Y-1800 Retainer with a new 9Y-1792 Retainer..
  2. There are two different sizes of cooling jets. Use the 166-3650 Piston Cooling Jet and the 111-8606 Special Bolt for a 3/8-16-2A thread hole. Use the 277-3076 Oil Jet Tube As and the 151-5925 Bolt for a 7/16-14-2A thread hole.
Kit Includes:
  • (6) Pistons with Skirts/Piston Pins/Rings
  • (6) Liners with Crevice Type Seal
  • (7) Main Bearings
  • (1) In-frame Gasket Set
  • (1) Thrust Bearing
  • (6) Rod Bearings

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