Caterpillar C15 CRYO-TREATED Headbolt kit | ATLC15CHBKFR

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Caterpillar C15 CRYO-TREATED Headbolt kit | ATLC15CHBKFR

We are happy to announce that we are now offering a cryotreated C15 head bolt kit (C15CHBKFR). What makes cryo-treating so special? Cryogenic heat treatment is a precisely engineered process of taking materials down to approximately -310° F, keeping them at that temperature in liquid nitrogen to remove residual stresses, and then ramping temperature back to room temperature, followed by a mild heat treatment process. The end result is a considerably longer life bolt with less internal stress and optimized tensile strength. IPD’s cryo-treated C15 head bolts are designed to ensure proper and even clamping forces across your cylinder head and keep your engine running.

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