23524768 | Detroit Diesel Series 60 14L Rocker Assembly, Remanufactured

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Detroit Diesel S60 14L Complete Rocker Arm Assembly:

Our complete S60 Rocker Arm assembly contains everything you need to successfully update your overhead. If you are changing your camshaft, you should definitely consider changing your rockers. Many times if you just change one or the other, that can cause pre-mature failure. Rather than having to worry about changing all the pins & rollers yourself and making sure that everything is according to OEM spec, let us do the work for you! Nobody sells the complete set like we do and at 50% less than the OEM Price.

Detroit S60 Complete Rocker Assembly Contains:

  • Intake Rocker# 23534738 x6
  • Exhaust Rocker# 23535292  x6
  • Injector Rocker Cup Style # 23535154 / 23524768 / 23524771 x6
  • Parkerized (phosphate treated) Rocker shafts 
  • All of the rockers have been remanufactured & completed with new pins & rollers.

Please indicate in the notes section if your rocker shafts are perfectly round or if they are flattened on top and bottom where the rockers bolt on.

We have all part numbers available. We just need you to add your engine serial number or rocker assembly part number to the order or call us and our customer service department will be happy to help!

Free Standard ground shipping within the Continental US! If you need your parts in a hurry and would like to get them overnighted or expedites please give us a call and our sales reps will let you know what options are available! All of our Remanufactured Rockers are done to order, once your order is placed we physically take a rockers and remanufacture them to spec, these orders typically ship the day after they are placed.

Core Return

There is a core deposit of an additional $850.00 but we don't charge you for the core up front. As long as we get the old rocker assembly back within 30 days the charges don't apply. Just let us know when you are ready to ship them back in and we will provide you with a prepaid UPS shipping label!


1 year warranty applies, the first 6 month covers parts & labor, the second 6 months covers the rocker assembly

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