5 Modifications To Get More Power From Your Diesel Engine

Heavy-duty vehicles work best with diesel engines because of engine’s power, reliability, and capabilities. Aside from all the inherent effects, here are five modifications to get more power from your diesel engine.

1. Reprogramming the Engine Control Module

Your diesel engine's ECM (Engine Control Module) changes factors like the maximum RPM and air-fuel mixture. By making these changes, the ECM controls the engine's overall performance. By altering or replacing the engine control module, you control how much horsepower the engine develops, creating an increase in torque, power, and performance.

2. Turbochargers

Turbochargers are a great option when you want to make modifications to get more power from your diesel engine. Turbochargers push more air into the engine, pressurizing the air intake and allowing it to create more energy. If you're looking for a boost in horsepower, turbochargers can multiply that input by four times.

3. Upgrading the Air Intake

Turbochargers increase pressure on your air intake, which means you must upgrade the air intake to get a more significant build-up before it creates pressure. When air flows more freely through the engine, it leads to improved horsepower and increased fuel efficiency.

4. Fuel Injectors

New fuel injectors are another way to bump up your torque and improve fuel efficiency. These parts allow more fuel to reach the engine. The separated nozzles on the fuel injectors aid in creating pressure to atomize the fuel. Atomized fuel leads to better mileage and a more smoothly running vehicle.

5. Performance Exhaust

So many modifications and upgrades focus on getting things into the engine to increase power, but everything your engine holds eventually must go somewhere. Performance exhaust systems are generally wider in diameter and allow the engine exhaust to flow out uninterrupted. Performance exhaust systems result in lower diesel temperature, giving your engine more torque.

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