Differences Between the Detroit 12.7L and 14L Engines

Detroit Diesel is one of the more well-known manufacturers when it comes to diesel engines, and one of their most popular models is the Series 60 line, which Detroit produced from 1987 to 2011. The two main engines in the Series 60 are the 12.7L and 14L engines.

The 12.7L production run lasted from the late ‘90s until 2007 when emission regulations created new opportunities for manufacturers, and the 14L was around until Detroit replaced the Series 60 engine with the DD15. However, the 12.7L and 14L remain popular engines among enthusiasts and mechanics. There are some notable differences between the Detroit 12.7L and 14L engines, and today, ATL Diesel is here to explain them.

The Difference in Size

One of the most notable differences between the two engines at first glance is their size. Because the 12.7L has smaller components, it's a more diminutive engine. For example, the cylinder bore on the 12.7L is 5.12 inches, while the 14L boasts 5.24 inches. The larger size of the 14L gave it an increase in performance.

The Difference in Horsepower

One crucial difference between the Detroit 12.7L and 14L engines is their power. Because the 14L has an increased size, it enables the engine to have more horsepower. With both engines running at 1,800 RPM, the 14L engine often ranges between 425 and 515 horsepower, while the 12.7L works closer to 400. Increased horsepower and torque are two reasons why certain automobile enthusiasts prefer the 14L engine.

The Difference in Displacement

While the 14L has larger parts and more power, one reason why many mechanics still love to work with the 12.7L engine is because of its improved fuel efficiency. The 14L has a larger engine displacement, making it use more fuel.

For any enthusiasts interested in series 60 engines or wanting to find a 12.7 Detroit engine rebuild kit, ATL Diesel has got you covered. With a variety of parts, replacement kits, and knowledgeable specialists, ATL Diesel will always have what you need. Contact us today for more information.