How To Change a Fuel Filter in a 12.7 Detroit Diesel Engine

The 12.7L is one of the many products from Detroit’s 60 Series line of engines. It remains a popular model with enthusiasts and is renowned for its reliability and longevity in trucking. Today, ATL Diesel is here to go over how to change a fuel filter in a 12.7 Detroit diesel engine and how you can keep your engine running for years to come.

Step 1: Find the Fuel Filters

The 12.7 diesel engine has two fuel filters, a primary and secondary, to distribute the gunk and grime it catches. You may notice one filter has a lot more inside. After locating the filters, you want to keep a bucket or similar container close by and drain the diesel fuel throughout the filter replacement process. If the fuel is clear of any debris, you may reuse it toward the end.

Step 2: Removing the Filters

After locating the filter, remove the filter bowl. Use a filter wrench to loosen the black cap and the base of the plastic bowl. Lift it off and place it aside. Remove the filter cartridge and put it aside, ensuring that you get the small rubber piece that may remain on the filter housing.

Step 3: Installing the New Filter

The new fuel filter typically comes with small rubber rings that firmly attach to the base of the plastic filter bowl and onto the black cap that holds it all together. Lubricate the fitting ring with diesel fuel or a similar product to attach it. Then, take the new filter and screw it clockwise onto the filter housing until tight. Put the filter plastic bowl over the filter and securely fasten the wide black ring to connect the bowl to the housing. Repeat this process for the secondary filter.

Step 4: Refilling the Diesel

The last step to change a fuel filter in your 12.7 Detroit diesel engine is reintroducing diesel fuel. If the drained fuel is clean, you may pour it back in through the spot on the top. Fill it about a quarter way and give the fuel a moment to settle before filling it back up to around the halfway line. This is a good opportunity to clean the exterior of the plastic filter bowl before putting the black cap back on.

ATL Diesel has a wide selection of parts and pieces for a 12.7 Detroit engine rebuild kit, so you can certainly find a fuel filter and other vital parts for maintaining your engine. No matter what pieces or services you need, ATL is here to help. Browse our catalog for essential kits, or reach out to a specialist on our team anytime with questions, comments, or concerns.

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