CAT C15 Acert Low Compression Conversion Rebuild Kits

The C15 twin turbo rebuild kit allows you to easily convert your twin turbo engine to a single turbo for better power and efficiency. Buying your American-engineered CAT C15 twin turbo rebuild kits from us here at ATL Diesel is the best way to ensure that you have everything you need to inject new life into that hardworking diesel engine—rather than having to spend a fortune on a full replacement. With a material composition that includes 5% more nickel to prevent any cracking in between the valves of the cylinder head, you’ll find these parts to be even higher quality than OEM parts. With the inclusion of 30% larger coolant passages and reinforced inner ribs, this cylinder head is extremely efficient at reducing the stress caused by excessive heat.

A key component of this kit are the upgraded exhaust valves. These are inconel valves which have a much higher capacity for withstanding extremely high temperatures and higher pressure as well. Usually at these much higher temperatures and pressures, your risk of fracturing is also much higher. With the inconel valves of these stage 2 cylinder heads, you won’t have to worry about any of that. This cylinder head lets you push your engine to its maximum capacity without any fear that it will crack or corrode too quickly.

Everything You Need and Nothing You Don’t

These CAT C15 twin turbo rebuild kits have the lower compression piston (16:1) that is essential to change when doing the full conversion process to a single turbo to avoid blowing a head gasket. If you are keeping your IVA’s you can use the 17:1 CR piston but the 16:1 piston (3466615) is by far the most common and successful! We have these kits in all brands and have had incredible success in converting 3-5 engines per week! Our customers experience more power while also increasing fuel economy which is of utmost importance especially in these difficult times! We have all the parts you need to convert your Acert compound turbo engine to a single turbo including: New cylinder heads, exhaust manifolds (ceramic HP manifolds available) and hardware kits, turbos (stage 1-4), and even the customized tuning to make the process as easy as it gets!

We’re Here To Help

ATL Diesel is more than just the most reliable place to get the parts you need. We also want to assist you however we can so that your engine can go back to working for you—rather than being something you need to fight at every turn. Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask questions about your particular diesel engine or the rebuild kits themselves. We’ll gladly get you situated and prepared to utilize the rebuild kit fully, allowing your diesel engine to regain the power and utility it once had.