10R8502 | Caterpillar 3406E/C15 ATL X Series Fuel Injectors (Pack of 6), Reman | 10R8502X

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Free Next-Day Air
Shipping On Purchases
of a Complete Set
of 6 Injectors!

Free Next-Day Air Shipping
On Purchases of a Complete
Set of 6 Injectors!

Free Next-Day Air Shipping On Purchases
of a Complete Set of 6 Injectors!


OE Reference Number
The ATL X Series Fuel Injectors Legacy
Precision Engineering
1. 80% of the components in ATL X Series injectors are replaced with new, higher quality components. This is in stark contrast to the industry standard, where less than 50% of components are typically replaced.
2. 100% of the Critical Springs are replaced with NEW springs.
3. Nozzles are precision ground and honed to ensure that every nozzle matches.
4. Other manufacturers use nozzles that have black oxide to hide defects or imperfections in injector nozzles.
5. Nozzles are inspected for microscopic cracks.
Spray Variance & Performance
1. ATL X Series Injectors boast the lowest spray variance (under 2%). Caterpillar OE injectors allow for up to 10% variance & other aftermarket competitors allow up to 15%!
2. Every single ATL X Series injector undergoes extensive testing, including dyno testing and a battery of mechanical and electronic assessments before it leaves the facility.
OEM trim codes ensure 100% compatibility!
1. Our injectors come with OEM trim codes to ensure 100% compatibility with your 3406E/C15/C15 Acert engines. You can install ATL X Series injectors with confidence, knowing they'll seamlessly integrate into your system.
Sold as a Pack of 6 Injectors
1. Due to the amount of engineering, testing, & manufacturing that has gone into producing these injectors to be the industry leading EUI injectors, we offer these in complete sets of 6 to avoid having contamination issues from other por performing injectors.
2. Each Injector comes with an injector hold-down bolt as well!

10R0958, 10R2502, 10R2780, 0R4118, 0R4668, 0R4893, 102-6230, 117-1146, 117-1148, 2113027, 118-9035, 152-3680, 191-3004, 211-3024

Free Standard ground shipping within the Continental US! If you need your parts in a hurry and would like to get them overnighted or expedites please give us a call and our sales reps will let you know what options are available!

There is a core deposit of an additional $250.00 per injector, but we don't charge you for the core up front. We give you 30 days to return the core, we even email you a UPS prepaid shipping label so that you don't have to pay any shipping costs to ship back the cores!

Our injectors come with a 1 year part replacement warranty!

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