20R7823 | Caterpillar C15 Platinum Engine Overhaul Rebuild Kit, New

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Main Bearing Size: Standard
Rod Bearing Size: Standard
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The kits differ based on Engine serial number. We will have all kits available, we just need you to add your engine serial number or piston number to the order or call us and our customer service department will be happy to help.

All the components in this kit come with free shipping! We will beat ANYONE on pricing, guaranteed. Unlike every other company in the business, we do NOT charge cores upfront to help you save on costs! If there is any issues on availability one of our parts reps will reach out to you by phone to discuss options!

ATL's C15 Platinum Kit Includes the following:

1. Complete Inframe Overhaul Kit (includes liner kits, piston kits, rod & main bearings, and a complete inframe gasket set which includes injector o-rings and oil pan gasket).

2. New Fully Loaded Stage 2 Cylinder head (Includes new valves, valve locks, seals, seats, rotocoils, springs, cam bearings, and injector cups).

3. 6 OEM Reman Injectors

4. New Oil Pump

5. New Water Pump

6. Headbolt Kit

7. Exhaust Manifold Hardware Kit

8. New Spacer Plate


C15 Acert Platinum kit optional Upgrades:

  1. Inframe kit- We offer a variety of inframe rebuild kits, if you prefer a specific brand or want to upgrade to the High Performance ceramic-coated pistons or even a lower compression ratio piston, we can create a customized kit specifically suited to your needs!
  2. Cylinder Head- This kit comes with the Stage 2 cylinder head, you can upgrade to the Stage 3 or Stage 4 head as well!
  3. Camshaft & Rocker assembly- We can add our OEM Complete Reman Rocker assembly as well as an OEM Reman Camshaft to the order for only $2,300 (Savings of $200!).
  4. New Connecting Rods - We can add a set of 6 NEW Connecting rods for $1175.
  5. Injectors - This kit includes stock OEM reman injectors, you can upgrade to our FLOW-MATCHED injectors for superior & cleaner performance.

We offer FREE ground shipping to any commercial address in the Continental USA! To avoid residential fees, please provide a commercial/business address during checkout. If there is a residence on the property the LTL Carriers will assess additional fees. If you don't have a commercial address or shop to ship it to, please call us and we will help set up delivery to the nearest Freight Terminal so that you can pick it up once it arrives, free of charge. We have shipping locations spread across the United States, if you need this fast, call us and find the nearest location to you!

We are one of the only companies in the USA that does NOT charge you for the core upfront. We give you 30 days to return your core!

On this Platinum Kit the only cores that we require are:

  • Injectors

You just have to put your cores in the same boxes that the new parts comes in. To make it even easier, we send you a UPS PREPAID label by email so that you can print that out, attach it to the box, and drop if off at the nearest UPS store. If you do not return the core within 30 days then we will charge the associated core fees.

Let your mind rest at ease with our industry leading 2-Year parts & labor warranty (unlimited mileage!) that back all of our inframe kits that are specifically engineered and designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. The rest of our hard parts such as the cylinder head, pumps, bolts, injectors, & camshafts/rockers come with a 1-year parts and labor warranty as well!

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