5405986 | Cummins ISX15 IPD Engine Inframe Overhaul Rebuild Kit, New | KIF2080/04CRB

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Main Bearing Size: Standard
Rod Bearing Size: Standard
Liner Size:
$3,750 $4,050


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IPD Cummins ISX Inframe Kit Engineering Spotlight:
  • 2-Piece Forged Friction-Welded Steel Pistons ensure durability and enhanced performance. The high-performance piston is coated with manganese phosphate for superior protection against wear and corrosion.
  • Unique Pin Bore Profile - The IPD engineering team has developed a unique pin bore profile for optimal pin joint performance. This innovation ensures a perfect fit and enhances the overall efficiency of your engine.
  • Graphite Skirt Coating - We apply an additional graphite coating around the piston skirt to minimize friction and maximize engine efficiency. This thoughtful addition further contributes to the longevity of your engine. Plus additional coating on top steel ring.
  • Cast Iron Liner with APR – An anti-polish ring (APR) liner offers additional protection against carbon buildup to keep that liner clean.

Complete ISX Inframe Overhaul rebuild kit (IPD BRAND) contains:

  • 2882080 – PISTON KIT (x 6)
  • 3800298 – SET, MAIN BEARING, STD (x 1)
  • 4026684 – GASKET, OIL PAN (x 1)
  • 4357177 – PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE (x 1)
  • 4376104 – GASKET SET, UPPER 48 (x 1)
  • 3678756 – SEAL, O-RING (x 1)
  • 5473000 – LINER KIT, 152MM O.D. APR (x 6)

    Liner Size for ISX15 Kits:

    This kit comes with a 152MM Liner.

     ISX108-065 / 3687897 / 3687605 / 3688405 / 3687897 / 2882080 / 5579461 / 4376566 / 3687605 / 3687897 / 3688405 / ISX108-209

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