5457297 | Cummins ISX Turbocharger & OEM Actuator (Calibrated), New | 4309076

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Style: New Turbo No Actuator
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ATL 100% New Turbochargers are available for a vast array of automotive applications to meet the growing demand for maximum vehicle performance with optimal fuel efficiency. Every ATL turbocharger has been designed and tested to guarantee O.E. fit and performance. ATL is committed to getting your vehicle back on the road and back to peak performance with these brand-new, direct-replacement turbochargers.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • 100% dynamic balancing of compressor wheels, turbine shaft/wheel assemblies and complete rotating assembly guarantees proper operation and extends unit life.
  • Unit comes with the required gaskets and mounting hardware for easy installation.
  • Meets or exceeds O.E. performance.
  • Unit comes with a pre-lube syringe to ensure product protection during installation.
  • Manufactured with 100% new components and tested to ensure trouble-free operation

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to replace the engine oil at regular intervals?
-Yes, most turbocharger failures are caused by oil starvation from old or contaminated oil.

Can the turbocharger fail if a foreign object is sucked in?
-Yes, replacing the air filter and cleaning entire air and exhaust system will prevent damage to the fragile blades on the turbocharger wheels.

Do I need to let the engine cool off before shutting down?
-Yes, cutting off the supply of fresh oil to a hot turbocharger can cause oil coking.

Do your aftermarket turbochargers meet emission regulations?
-Yes, all turbochargers are engineered to match O.E. performance and comply with all federal regulations.

4309076, 2836356, 2836357, 2838153, 2838154, 2840519, 2840520, 2840521, 2881785, 2881785NX, 2881785RX, 2881997, 2881997NX, 2881997RX, 3767615, 3767622, 3767630, 3774601, 3774612, 3774626, 3774640, 3780526, 3792776, 3792786, 3795162, 4042413, 4045031, 4045034, 4309076, 430907600, 430907600HX, 4309076HX, 4309076NX, 4309076RX, 4620744, 4955425, 4955425NX, 4955425RX, 4956010, 4956010NX, 4956010RX, 5350611, 5350641535064100, 5350893, 535089300H, 5350893H, 5350893HX, 5355196, 535519600, 535519600HX, 5355196H5355196HX, 5359785, 5359785NX, 5359785RX, 5456738, 545673800H, 5456738H, 5457297, 5457297NX, 5457297RX, 5550526

Free Standard ground shipping within the Continental US! If you need your parts in a hurry and would like to get them overnighted or expedited please give us a call and our sales reps will let you know what options are available!

There is a core deposit of an additional $800.00 but we don't charge you for the core up front. We give you 30 days to return the core, we even email you a UPS prepaid shipping label so that you don't have to pay any shipping costs to ship back the cores!

Still not sure? Let your mind be at ease, this quality turbocharger is backed by a 1-year replacement warranty.


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