KOF3406EBB/01 | Caterpillar 3406E/C15 BIG BORE IPD Out of Frame Overhaul Rebuild Kit

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Main Bearing Size: Standard
Rod Bearing Size: Standard
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What the heck is a BIG BORE kit?

The 3406E/C15 KOF3406EBB/01 Big Bore kit is the ULTIMATE kit if you are looking for POWER! The best part is that no modifications are required for you block or your your connecting rods. These kits have undergone strenuous scrutiny prior to release and are a top notch addition to a line of IPD products that are worthy of their reputation. The liners have also been updated from the traditional high carbon steel liner and upgrading to a chromoly liner with added molybdenum to prevent liner issues that the C18's were known to have. The modified cylinder kit will require the piston cooling nozzle part# 274-8359.

This kit is a complete OUT of Frame overhaul kit, meaning that it comes with all the gaskets needed to complete the job, this kit won't leave you with the need for anything!

Customer Approved!

Customer who have used this kit in their truck have positive feedback besides the obvious increased power, they also have experienced increased fuel efficiency as well as increased torque! This kit will convert your 3406E 14.6L into a 16.2L engine! It will work with a range of engine serial prefixes including: 2WS, 1LW, 5EK, 6NZ, MBN.

Just plug in your Engine Serial Number when placing the order, or call us and one of our friendly customer service reps will help you confirm the correct parts and get the order processed!

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