Caterpillar C15/34065 Platinum Plus Rebuild Kit

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This is the most complete kit we offer. We include more parts in this kit than any OE dealer! If you are looking to completely overhaul your engine without cutting any corners this is the kit for you.

All the components in this kit come with free shipping! We will beat ANYONE on pricing, guaranteed. Unlike every other company in the business, we do NOT charge cores upfront to help you save on costs!

This kit includes the following:

1. Complete Inframe Overhaul Kit (includes liner kits, piston kits,  rod & main bearings, and a complete inframe gasket set which includes injector o-rings and oil pan gasket).

2. New Fully Loaded Cylinder head (Includes new valves, valve locks, seals, seats, rotocoils, springs, cam bearings, and injector cups). 

3. 6 OEM Reman Injectors

4. New Oil Pump

5. New Water Pump

6. Headbolt Kit

7. Exhaust Manifold Hardware Kit

8. New Spacer Plate

9. Camshaft

10. Complete Rocker Assembly (6 intake, 6 exhaust, 6 injector rockers with all new pins and rollers installed as well as 3 NEW rocker shafts)

11. New Oil Cooler

12. 6 Piston Cooling Nozzles

13. New Turbo

14. 6 New Connecting Rods 

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