1889245C95 | International/Navistar DT466E Head Gasket Set W/ Headbolt Kit, New

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International Navistar DT466E Head Gasket Set:

This is a complete head gasket set that contains all the gaskets & o-rings required when changing your cylinder head. No need to risk a blown head gasket by purchasing elsewhere, our gaskets are engineered and designed to meet or exceed OEM spec at a fraction of the cost! We have all head gasket sets available and ready to ship, we just need you to add your engine serial number to the order or call us and our customer service department will be happy to help.

This head gasket set contains:

(1) Cylinder Head Gasket Set, 1842648C99, 1885598C91, 1889245C95, 1889245C96
(2) Seals,1818402C1, 1818402C2
(1) O-Ring, 1820878C2
(1) O-Ring Seal, 1822135C1
(1) Turbo Mounting Gasket, 1833007C1
(26) Head Bolts, 1833029C4
(1) Exhaust Manifold Gasket, 1833064C1
(4) Turbo Mounting Nuts, 1841574C2
(1) Intake Manifold Gasket, 1842033C1
(1) Breather Seal Ring, 1842105C1
(1) Breather Seal Ring, 1842106C1
(1) Seal Ring, 1842114C1
(6) Injector Seal Kit, 1842624C92, AP0026
(6) Injector Nose Gaskets, 1830317C1, AP0006
(6) Injector Lower Seal Rings, 1842483C1
(6) Injector Upper Seal Rings, 1844934C1, 1889245C92, 1885598C91, 1889245C96, NAV1889245C92, 1842648C99, 1889245C95
(1) High Pressure Oil Kit
(6) Injector Inlet Seal Rings, 1841470C1
(1) Seal Ring, 1841581C1
(6) Back Up Injector Inlet Rings, 1880747C1
(6) Back Up Injector Inlet Rings, 1880747C1-01
(6) Back Up Injector Inlet Rings, 1880747C1-02
(1) Breather Seal Ring, 1844447C1
(1) Model Year 2004-2006 Head Gasket

4333-1842648C93, 4333-1885598C91, 4333-1889245C92, 1842648C91, 1842648C92, 1842648C93, 1876103, 1876103C91, 1876103C92, 1885598, 1885598C91, 1889245, 1889245C91, 1889245C92, 1842648, 1889245C93, 1889245C94, 1889245C95, 1889245C96, 1889247, 1889247C91, 1889247C92, 1889247C93, 1889247C94, 1889247C95, 1889247C96, 1889247C97

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This product comes with a 1 year parts and labor warranty policy.


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