DCCYLHKIT | Cummins ISX Dual Cam Cylinder Head Replacement Kit, New

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Cylinder Head Stage: Stage 2 (Included)
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Caterpillar Cylinder Head Complete Repair Kit

If you are needing to replace you cylinder head, you obviously are going to be needing a complete upper gasket set and a headbolt kit to get the job done right, why not get all together and save at the same time! Our complete repair kit contains the parts that you need to get this job done and includes discounts to help you save along the way!

Our complete head replacement kit comes with:

  1. New Loaded Cylinder Head -  Our castings are engineered, designed, and assembled in the U.S.A. They are better than OEM quality containing 5% more nickel content in the casting material. This additional nickel content prevents the cylinder head from cracking in between the valves. Additionally, the coolant passages have been enlarged by 30%, and inner ribs have been reinforced to reduce heat stress. 
  2. Complete New Headbolt Kit - This kit comes with the complete set of headbolts needed to install your new cylinder head!
  3. Complete Upper Head Gasket Set - These upper head sets come with all the gaskets needed to swap your existing head for our new one!
  4. Exhaust Manifold Hardware Kit

We offer FREE ground shipping to any commercial address in the Continental USA! To avoid residential fees, please provide a commercial/business address during checkout. If there is a residence on the property the LTL Carriers will assess additional fees. If you don't have a commercial address or shop to ship it to, please call us and we will help set up delivery to the nearest Freight Terminal so that you can pick it up once it arrives, free of charge. We have shipping locations spread across the United States, if you need this kit fast, call us and find the nearest location to you! 

The head is well packaged in a durable wooden crate and convenient nylon lifting straps for safe and secure shipping and handling. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. 

To make things even better, there is no core charge and no core return required!

Still not sure? Let your mind be at ease, this superior quality cylinder head and the rest of the parts listed are all backed by a 1-year warranty.


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