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Cummins ISX complete Upper Gasket set

This upper gasket set contains all the gaskets needed if you are replacing your cylinder head. Blown head gaskets are a serious issue that can leave you stranded on the side of the road. Nobody has time to stop hauling just because of a blown gasket. Our gaskets are all manufactured to OE specifications and engineered to withstand the everyday demands of your engine. 

We have a wide variety of OEM quality gasket sets, just plug in your engine serial number and we'll ship you the one you need! 

Complete ISX Head Gasket contains:

1 EA 3042544 Seal - O-Ring
6 EA 3330537 O-Ring Seal - Purple - HPI
6 EA 3330538 O-Ring Seal - Yellow - HPI
6 EA 3347937 O-Ring Seal - Green - HPI
6 EA 3347939 O-Ring Seal - Black - HPI/XPI
1 EA 3678762 Seal - Grommet
1 EA 3678770 Gasket - Connection
1 EA 3679931 Gasket - Camshaft Cover
1 EA 3679932 Gasket - Camshaft Cover
1 EA 3680284 Gasket - ECM
1 EA 3680324 Gasket - Turb Drain Flange
1 EA 3680602 Gasket - Thermostat Hsng Cvr
1 EA 3684336 Gasket - Thermostat Housing
1 EA 4026884 Gasket - Turbocharger
4 EA 4089255 Plug - Cavity
1 EA 4299098 Gasket - CYL Head ISX
1 EA 4299124 Seal - O-Ring
1 EA 4299125 Seal - O-Ring
1 EA 4907446 Gasket - Exhaust Manifold
4 EA 4907447 Gasket - Exhaust Manifold
1 EA 4907448 Gasket - Exhaust Manifold
1 EA 4962721 Seal - Rectangular Strip
1 EA 4965689 Gasket - Housing - Fuel Cntrl
1 EA 4985660 Seal - Camshaft Cover
1 EA 4985661 Seal - Camshaft Cover


Cross Reference Numbers: 

4352144, 4025300, 4955595 

Free Shipping! 

We offer FREE ground shipping to any commercial address in the Continental USA! We have shipping locations spread across the United States, if you need this kit fast, call us and find the nearest location to you! The majority of shipments take from 1-3 days.

Backed by Warranty:

Let your mind rest at ease with our industry leading 2-Year parts & labor warranty (unlimited mileage!) that back all of our kits that are specifically engineered and designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

We have all head gasket sets available and ready to ship We just need you to add your engine serial number to the order or call us and our customer service department will be happy to help.

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