C15 Twin Turbo to Single Turbo Platinum Plus Rebuild Conversion Kit (IPD Brand)

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Our Specialized IPD platinum plus conversion kit includes the following parts:


1. Complete IPD Inframe Overhaul rebuild Conversion kit

2. New Fully Loaded Cylinder head (Includes new valves, valve locks, seals, seats, rotocoils, springs, cam bearings, and injector cups). 

3.  New Turbo

4. New Oil Pump

5. New Water Pump

6. Headbolt Kit

7. New Spacer Plate

8.  70 PIN ECM

9. Exhaust Manifold & complete hardware kit


All for the price of $11,995! We offer shipping on every single one of our products, there are no extra taxes or fees, this is our low, out the door price. (Savings of up to $2,000-$4,000)


We also offer the 6 injectors and 6 new connecting rods as an add-on to this kit for the price of $2995. This means that you would get the complete platinum kit above, plus injectors and rods for the price of $14,990.


In addition, we can add our OEM Reman complete rocker assembly as well as a camshaft to the order for only $2,000. (Normally $1,650 and $550 respectively)

Free ground LTL freight on all shipments within the Continental US

There is a $300.00 core deposit per each injector, however core deposits are not charged at the time of sale. The core must be returned within 30 days of the invoice. If the core isn't received within 30 days you initial form of payment will be charged the next business day. 

We pay the ground shipping back. Just call us when the return freight is ready, we will send you a UPS label and you just drop the shipment off at your nearest UPS location.

The inframe overhaul kit has a 2 year parts and labor warranty policy. All other parts have a 1 year warranty policy

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