NEW Cummins ISX15 Single Overhead Cam Fully Loaded Cylinder Head | N4298234IVS

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Benefits of this Performance ISX SOHC (Single Overhead Camshaft) Cylinder Head:

Brand New & Fully loaded Cummins ISX & ISX15 Single Overhead Camshaft Cylinder head.  Our castings are engineered, designed, and assembled in the U.S.A. They are better than OEM quality containing 5% more nickel content in the casting material. This additional nickel content prevents the cylinder head from cracking in between the valves. Additionally, the coolant passages have been enlarged by 30%, and inner ribs have been reinforced to reduce heat stress. If you have been a victim before of a cracked cylinder head, you know just how costly that it can be! Don't take the chance by buying an OE reman cylinder head that is bound to crack again. Upgrade with our Enhanced Performance Cylinder head and enjoy the peace of mind while hauling across the country!

What is this Enhanced Performance all about?

This performance cylinder head is an upgrade from the standard cylinder head. On top of the interior upgrades to the actual casting itself, the intake valves in this cylinder head have all been upgraded to inconel valves. This major performance improvement increases the capacity of the valves to endure higher temperatures as well as heightened pressure. 

There is a common fracture issue with standard valves when they are running at heightened horse-power, this superior quality inconel material prevents these types of fractures and ensures that your exhaust valves can stand the heat! If you are looking to get more out of your engine and ensure that your head doesn't fall prey to corrosion, pitting, and cracking; this is the head for you!

Cross reference part numbers:

3686432, 3686434, 3686660, 3686660, 3686774, 3686880, 3686881, 3687607, 3688761, 3688800, 4298235, 4298236, 4298237, 4298237, 4298238, 4356434, 4386009, 5394197, 5394198, 79438920, 79457900, 79469386, 79527893, 79575425, 4374091

No core, no problem!

To make things even better, there is no core charge and no core return required!

Backed by Warranty!

Still not sure? Let your mind be at ease, this superior quality cylinder head is backed by a 1-year warranty.

Free Shipping!

Free LTL Business to Business Shipping within the Continental US. The head is well packaged in a durable wooden crate and convenient nylon lifting straps for safe and secure shipping and handling. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. If your not happy with the quality upon receipt you will receive a 100% refund upon return and receipt of the product. All this at a fraction of the price.

 We have all cylinder head part numbers available. For the ISX15 they're all the same but we always ask you to add your engine serial number to your order for verification. Feel free to call our customer service team if you need any help or clarification. 

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