C15107-010 | C15 Twin Turbo to Single Turbo Low Compression (16:1 CR) Inframe kit (PAI Brand)

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Caterpillar C15 PAI Low Compression (16:1) Conversion Inframe Rebuild kit

This is an PAI Low Compression Acert 16:1 compression ratio Conversion Kit. This is for converting a C15 Acert 18:1 compression ratio to 16:1 compression ratio. This is the recommended kit if you are taking a twin turbo C15 and converting it back to a single turbo engine. This kit has been used in several different applications with tremendous success. This kit has PAI's special steel welded and piston

  1. 6 Cylinder kits complete with 16:1 pistons, liners, rings, retainers & seals
  2. Upper gasket set
  3. Rod bearing kit
  4. Main bearing kit
  5. Thrust Washers
  6. Oil Pan Gasket

Unless otherwise noted in the notes section, this kit will be shipped with standard rod & main bearings. If you need over sized bearings, please note which size is required in the note section in the checkout process.

We offer FREE ground shipping to any commercial address in the Continental USA! To avoid residential fees, please provide a commercial/business address during checkout. If there is a residence on the property the LTL Carriers will assess additional fees. If you don't have a commercial address or shop to ship it to, please call us and we will help set up delivery to the nearest Freight Terminal so that you can pick it up once it arrives, free of charge. We have shipping locations spread across the United States, if you need this kit fast, call us and find the nearest location to you! 

No core returns are required for this inframe kit!

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