3 Reasons People Are Buying Detroit Diesel Series 60

Detroit released its series 60 engines in the late 1980s, and many fans still consider them worthwhile machines. When learning about retro diesel engines, it’s worth investigating these classic models and what Detroit Diesel brought to the marketplace. Here are three reasons people are buying Detroit Diesel series 60 engines and why they’re still a popular and reliable option on the secondhand market.

1. Electrical Engine

Detroit Diesel already had a reputation for making high-quality engines, and the series 60 was the first of its kind to feature electronic engine controls. The electronic capabilities in the engine made it an excellent choice for keeping track of data, and it was an ideal option for buses, trucks, and other vehicles driving high speeds or long distances.

2. Highly Versatile

One of the reasons people are buying the Detroit Diesel series 60 engine is because of the different models that work with a variety of equipment. Early versions of the engine had an 11.1L model and the more popular 12.7L. The four-stroke inline engine was great for heavy trucks, boats, emergency vehicles, and mining equipment. The 12.7L was the primary model until Detroit introduced the 14.0L in 2001. However, in 2011, Detroit discontinued the series 60 in favor of the DD15. Despite this, the series 60 remains popular with enthusiasts.

3. Fantastic Features

Thanks to the Detroit Diesel Electronic Control (DDEC) system, the electrical engine offered many amazing features that other diesel engines at the time couldn’t provide. The engine ran diagnostics, had automatic stall prevention and cruise control, and allowed owners to download engine management reports, which were great for analyzing data and maintaining machines.

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