Ordering Tips When Building An Engine - Customer Guest Post

By Michael Reed at Undercover Outlaws LLC

After lots of research and recommendations, I decided to purchase the IPD Big Bore Kit with the single-piece steel pistons from ATL Diesel.  I have to say, I haven't been disappointed in the least with this decision.  I have two suggestions if you're preparing to build a motor and you're ordering this kit or any other kit.

Ask All Your Technical Questions

Never just assume you need different Injectors or rods, etc. Ask first as you may think that you have (or don't have) the right set-up for something but once you ask, they will tell you not only what part you need but they'll explain WHY you need it. They will also tell you if you already HAVE the right part. Even if it means they don't get to sell you more parts they'll be honest and upfront and explain it all.

In My Case

I already had the 8502 Injectors in my engine. Several friends were telling me those Injectors would not be big enough for what I was building. I reached out to Cy and simply asked him what I needed. His response? The 8502 Injectors were exactly what I needed BECAUSE the bigger cam I had ordered would actually cause the Injectors to over-fuel slightly. If I had gone with bigger Injectors I'd have been drowning my engine in fuel. So, always ask questions.

Big Engine Means Big Turbo

Remember, the engine drives the turbocharger not the other way around. If you build a big engine you will need to get a big turbo that can handle it. Do not try to reuse your Big Dog Stage 2 or your AirTech that's rated for 600 horsepower, or worse, your stock, turbocharger. You'll just blow it up and risk destroying all of your hard work.  I know, it seems like you're going to spend a ton of money for all of this but with ATL Diesel's prices, you won't. I built this 1,000 horsepower monstrosity with less than half of what a stock build would have cost me at the Caterpillar dealership.

What To Expect In A Kit Like This

This kit is a complete out-of-frame overhaul kit and came with every single o-ring and gasket needed to build the engine and even had everything to rebuild the head. Injector cup o-rings, valve seats, 1 piece heavy gauge oil pan gaskets, I mean THE WORKS!! You will have a ton of gaskets and o-rings left over as they ship every single thing for every possible engine configuration in your model engine. All of the gaskets and o-rings are separated and grouped together in bags and labelled so you always know if they're for the head or the rear structure or front structure, etc. Each individual o-ring is labelled with your engine manufacturer part number so as nothing gets confusing for you as to where everything should go.

A Little More About How I Built My Engine

I also ordered (from ATL Diesel):

    • a bigger cam to my engine in order to make the most use of the bigger pistons
    • a very large Borg Warner turbo
    • a new oil pump
    • an undersized spacer plate in order to get the proper liner height

The horsepower is now not the only noticeable difference.  I'm now shifting at lower RPMs even though I haven't changed rear end gears or the transmission. If you were to try to run your typical RPMs you'll notice you're torque seems to stall out but if you grab a gear and bring your RPMs back down, she just eats up the pavement. The engine still pulls without working nearly as hard and as a result of this it runs cooler. My fuel mileage has came up a full 2 miles to the gallon to 6.5 pulling our 53' closed tandem cattle pot. That alone is a game changer in today's economy.

Thanks ATL Diesel!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I hope to get in to your area and actually meet and shake the hands of all of you that helped me build a dream into a reality!

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