5 of the Different Types of Caterpillar Engines

Caterpillar (CAT) is a legendary manufacturer of diesel engines. They've created reliable and high-quality engines for tractors and other construction equipment for many years. CAT engines are highly sought after in today's world due to their performance, rigidness, and longevity.

For a specific amount of time, they did manufacture on-highway diesel engines. However, environmental standards that emerged around 2008 put an end to that part of the business.

CAT continues to manufacture stellar engines for today's machines. Here is an in-depth look into five of the different types of caterpillar engines.

The Caterpillar 3406E Engine

Many consider the CAT 3406E to be one of CAT's most successful and reliable engines, which explains the ongoing high demand for the CAT 3406E rebuild kit. The company first began manufacturing this type of engine in 1993.

It combines the benefits of an electrical motor with the reliability of traditional mechanical engines. It's also a pre-emissions engine; while this may be banned in California, many still prefer it when operating their machine.

The engine is currently OOP (out of production) as its production ended around 1999. Peterbilt and Freightliner vehicles often use CAT 3406E engines.

The CAT C7

The CAT C7 garnered high interest during its release in 2003. This engine is popular for medium-duty trucks, and it was one of the last over-the-road engines that CAT would ever design. Its production run would last from 2003 to 2009.

The CAT 3408

Today, the CAT 2408 remains of the most popular diesel engines. It's an internal combustion engine that can generate impressive amounts of power. It also has an impressive lifespan, with most units lasting approximately 16,000 operating hours.

The CAT 3116

The diesel engine sees a lot of use in marine settings. This is because it's a turbocharged engine that can produce impressive amounts of power. The CAT 3116 can handle 205hp at 2,400 RPM. Additionally, at 2,800 RPM, this engine can take about 350hp!


The CAT C15 appeared in 1999. It's lighter than the 3406E as it only has one turbocharger. In fact, many parts are interchangeable with the 3406E engine. The CAT C15 is a reliable engine with relief slots to prevent oil seepage.

The CAT engines have existed since 1925, and Caterpillar has been manufacturing engines ever since. If you're looking for a reliable diesel engine for your truck, bulldozer, boat, and more, any of the five different types of caterpillar engines will be the right choice for you.