Building Great American Structures with Diesel Engines

America is home to great builders. The country has introduced some of the finest architectural marvels to the world. But as they say, even the best pair of hands need to be supplemented with the right tool to bring a vision alive.

For the great American builders, this tool has been the diesel engine, which has moved, pulled, lifted and created for them at every instruction.

Diesel in the Construction Industry

Diesel engines power more than three out of four pieces of the heavy construction equipment used at America’s construction sites.

Bulldozers use diesel engines to compact the ground. Earth movers use diesel engines to move the dirt around. Cranes use diesel engines to lift heavy loads. Backhoes use diesel engines to dig holes. Motor graders use diesel engines to create a flat surface.

In America, construction is synonymous with diesel, and diesel technology is the choice of technology for its construction sector.

But why do American builders love diesel engines so much?

Americans’ Love for the Diesel Engines in Construction

There are many reasons why diesel engines are so strongly preferred by American builders.

· They are more rugged and reliable than any other off-road engines available on the market

· They are extremely powerful

· They are highly efficient

· They are durable

· They require less maintenance compared to other engines of similar size

In short, diesel engines offer a unique combination of reliability, performance, power, fuel efficiency and viability that is unmatched in the engine world.

And now, they also offer low emissions.

Diesel Technology—Cleaner Than Ever!

Diesel technology has long been viewed as the black sheep of America’s engine family. Black plumes of exhaust that would spurt from accelerating on-road diesel vehicles and laboring off-road diesel equipment, established a negative image of the technology among the general public and regulators.

Much of this has changed now and manufacturers are producing engines that are cleaner than ever.

Today, Tier 4 Final diesel engines are dominating the headlines for their extremely low emission levels. Compared to older generation diesel engines, these engines cut down particulate emissions by 90 percent and nitrogen-oxide emissions by 50 percent.

Cummins describe Tier 4 Final diesel engines as “near zero” emission diesel engines.

This development in diesel technology has ushered America’s construction industry into a new age of productivity, efficiency and sustainability.


It looks like the great American builders could be scaling even greater and unprecedented heights in the future. And with diesel engines by their side, the world has little to doubt them.

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