Steps for How to Clean Cylinder Heads

There are many parts to a diesel engine. Cylinder heads are one of the essential components you’ll find under a hood. These mechanisms have many airways that allow oil and coolant to flow through. Since different liquids pass through these devices so often, cylinder heads can get rather dirty. Every driver should know the steps for how to clean cylinder heads to prolong the life of their engine.

Personal Protective Equipment

Cleaning cylinder heads is an incredibly messy task. That’s why you should protect your skin and clothing while you’re doing the job. Consider buying latex gloves and goggles before you begin cleaning. You don’t want to spend hours afterward scrubbing oil from under your fingernails. You may also want to wear old clothes while you clean. Your shirt will likely get dirty, so think about wearing something you wouldn’t mind throwing in the trash when you’ve finished.

What About the Head Gasket?

Consider cleaning the head gasket while you have the hood popped. It’d be best if you bought a plastic scraper to help you get rid of any unwanted dirt. Be careful not to scratch anything while completing this job. Scratches can do severe damage to cylinder heads, and no one wants to deal with that repair. As long as you’re mindful of where you’re scrubbing, everything should be fine.

Cleaning the Cylinder Heads

You’ll need to get some brake or parts cleaner to wash your cylinder heads. Simply spray this solution onto a rag and then wipe down the cylinder heads. After you’ve washed as much of the piece as you can, soak the cylinder heads in a tub of warm water. This soak will loosen any dirt that’s still there. Keep the parts in there for about an hour. Then, remove them and rinse them off with a slightly damp rag for extra peace of mind.

The final step for how to clean cylinder heads is to use a bottle of compressed air to get into the passageway. It’s not a wise idea to get these tunnels wet. Therefore, compressed air is the perfect tool to remove dust or other particles. Make sure the cylinder heads are entirely dry before you reinstall them. That way, no issues come up down the line.

Every driver should do regular engine maintenance to prolong the motor’s life. Upkeep includes cleaning engine’s components like cylinder heads. You may need to replace some parts if you let the mess get out of control. Fear not, ATL Diesel has high-quality caterpillar diesel engine parts that’ll have your heavy-duty truck or bus up and running in no time.

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